A Drug Rehab that Offers Holistic Care

The substance abuse problem is not an isolated case of addiction or dependence. They’re usually caused by emotional and psychological issues that have been present for a long time. If a patient is admitted to a drug rehab for women only facility, he or she should be provided with a team consisting of experts who are familiar with dual disorders and other multiple problems.

In addition to individual and group counseling, today’s drug rehab centers encourage a variety of therapeutic exercises. Group therapy, yoga and meditation, nutrition education, team building, and art therapy are all examples of such activities. Patients can explore themselves through these activities. This allows patients to develop their self-esteem as well as form close bonds with others in the program.

The trend towards co-ed environments in rehab and therapeutic settings is increasing. Both men and woman may feel uncomfortable discussing certain issues with their opposite gender. Effective therapy also cannot be conducted in an environment of discomfort.

A patient who has the opportunity to engage in new, beneficial activities and is surrounded by an atmosphere that’s open and welcoming can experience a healing level they have never experienced before. The whole person, not just the issue of addiction is addressed.

A staff member in such a program would understand that each journey has a special significance for patients and work hard to support their progress, while challenging them to conquer their addiction.