Choose the Right Waste Oil Furnace for Your business

Not sure how to select the best waste oil heater for your business? Here are some considerations you should make when choosing Amlon Port Allen, LLC to help you save money on energy and ensure that you meet all EPA requirements regarding the disposal of petroleum waste generated by your business.

Available space

Due to the wide range of furnace sizes, you can find one that suits your business. Look for heaters that come with a built-in oil tank if you are limited in space. Find a heater that can heat and recycle in a small area. Certain burner models allow the furnace to be positioned vertically. This configuration allows you to save valuable floor space by going up instead of out.

Quantity of waste oil generated

You may have to add No. 2 heating oil in addition to the waste oil you generate, depending on your facilities’ production. Heating oil No. 2 is also available. Consult a professional before choosing the right size heater for your needs. Most heaters will run off used motor oil or transmission fluid. They can also be mixed with new and used petroleum products. It’s true, you can mix oils.


You may be deterred by the upfront cost of a waste-oil furnace. Look for manufacturers or distributors who offer financing. Leases allow you to finance some or all of the cost of equipment, and perhaps even the delivery fees. Leasing also allows you to maintain your existing bank credit lines and cash reserves, which can be used for unplanned expenses or for other business investments. Fixed lease payments make budgeting easier and allow better forecasting. They are also tax-deductible for the year they were made.

Manufacturer support and ease of maintenance

A waste oil heater requires maintenance just like any other piece of equipment. Some models are easy to service and can, in most cases, be done at home with the right instructions. You should look for manufacturers who offer easy to follow maintenance manuals so that you can maintain your heater yourself. The ability to do general maintenance yourself will help you save money on a waste-oil burner. Be sure to check that your manufacturer or distributor is easily available to answer questions, and respond to any service concerns.

Made In USA

The US dollar is strengthened by buying products that are made in the USA. There are many high-quality American waste oil furnaces on the market. You can choose one to save on heating costs and also help fuel our economy.