Reward Stickers – A Few Advantages And Some Disadvantages

Motivation has always been aided by rewards boingboing. The rewards help to boost motivation and encourage positive behaviours or attitudes. School stamps or reward stickers, either for teachers or for students, are common reward systems for school-age children. Teachers must be aware that these and other rewards should only be used with caution, particularly for children. What teachers may intend as a motivating approach, but which could make some children feel bad due to their disposition and young minds, can easily backfire.

Like other reward systems for children, stickers serve as a tangible form of acknowledgment for a good job. These tokens encourage the repetition of behaviours that were rewarded, which reinforces positive results. Children may find this approach more meaningful, since they do not always understand the concept of goals. They can then look forward to these simple prizes the next time that they do good.

As a tangible reward, stickers are the best option for kids. They are considered “safer” because they do not look like bribery. Other rewards like chocolate, candy, or toys cannot be compared to this. Stickers that are given to teachers as rewards are treated like mini-certificates. Stickers are often cheap, which is another plus. Stores usually sell them in bulk for a low price, or teachers can print out their own stickers.

The teacher can use reward stickers to give a child something tangible that they can take home and show their parents. Thus, the achievement or good behavior of the child is communicated not only to parents but also to other family members. This is important, especially if the parents of the child don’t have time to attend the parent-teacher meetings. Parents can get feedback by a child showing them stickers. They may be even more motivated to attend the next conference. It helps parents know how their child is doing. These stickers can also be used to remind students and their parents of important school events and homework.