Custom Made Jewellery Has Many Benefits

If you are searching for something special, then bespoke jewellery may be the right choice. Maybe you’re looking for a specific colour necklace, a certain shape bead or necklace, a style necklace, a material type (e.g. glass, stone, pearl, ceramics, acrylics etc.) There are endless possibilities. Even if you search for hours in stores and on the internet, it is unlikely that you will find exactly what your looking for. A jewellery designer is able to assist you in creating a unique piece of jewelry. Discuss your design requirements and get some great feedback.

Many people become frustrated while searching for the right item to match with an outfit. You may have chosen an outfit because you are attending a wedding or special occasion, such as a business meeting, a race day, or a special date. If this is the case, you should take the outfit to the jeweller so they can make the piece to suit the colour, style, and neckline of your outfit.

Some people focus only on one particular aspect of their jewellery without considering the implications. If a person wanted a necklace with hefty chunks of black stones, they may have overlooked the added weight. A designer may offer suggestions on how to use a black chunky gemstone without adding additional weight. This could be done by adding complementary smaller stones, or lengthening the piece with chain.

At all phases of the development, designers working on bespoke jewelry work closely with their clients. In the first consultation you’ll need details on the material type, bead shape, colour, size, length, type, and type, of clasp. The budget for the piece and the deadline are set at this time. A designer will order materials for the project and begin working on a draft design. Sending photos by email to clients is the fastest way to reach them and get their feedback. Customers are also sent photos of their ‘final’ pieces before they can collect them.

Jewelry designers find it very rewarding to see their customers’ satisfaction when they have a special custom-made piece. Wearers gain confidence by knowing the jewellery is made to order and specially for them.