It is faster and healthier to dry foam carpet clean

Dry foam dry wet carpets has many advantages. It is not only cost-effective, but it also promotes a cleaner environment. You can hire someone to do the job or you can rent an equipment and clean it yourself. Dirt can be removed by using a bristle-equipped cleaner. The dirt is trapped by injecting foam shampoo into the carpet. The dirt is then vacuumed up and removed.

It Works

The dry foam method will make your carpet look really clean. It takes the focus off of your dirty floor, and puts it back on your decor and you. This method is often used as an alternative for steam cleaning. Rugs that have been vacuumed regularly and are well maintained, will appear almost new after being shampooed. This method is ideal for areas that receive heavy foot traffic. It will make them look newer.


The carpet can be dry in an hour or less than with other methods. The side benefit of less time away from your house and fewer disruptions to your routine can be a big plus. When other methods of drying clothes are used, it can seem like a lifetime to those who have children. It only takes a couple of hours to dry a room. Down-time for businesses, whether they are open or closed only briefly can affect profits. Customers may not return if you inconvenience them by blocking areas that they want to use. Dry foam can be cleaned quickly and efficiently during non-peak times, allowing businesses to return to normal with little fuss.


Carpeting was once a luxury for people who were allergic to mold or dust mites. There are alternatives to carpets that contain dust mites, mold-causing bacteria and other contaminants. Berber and shorter-piled products, for example, make rugs more healthy than hardwood flooring. Vacuuming them isn’t enough. To reduce dirt that has been embedded in the carpet and to eliminate mold and insect problems, it is necessary to shampoo every carpet at some point. Dry foam carpet cleaning eliminates allergens and keeps you healthy.

In the past, carpets were not waterproof and if they got wet could cause mold allergies. Carpeting is often avoided because of this. Modern carpets can be wet and dry again without becoming saturated. Material to which the carpet is attached does not absorb the cleaning foam. The carpet dries quicker and there is no chance of bacteria or mold growing. The moisture is not trapped beneath the surface. It would dry out and eventually drift up, causing black spots on “clean” carpets. Dry foam carpet cleaning prevents mildew, mold and moisture. The foam is removed by extraction after the shampoo foams. The residual foam will turn into fine crystals once the surface of the carpet has dried. This can easily be removed with an ordinary vacuum cleaner.


Dry foam carpet cleaners are a more economical option than replacing rugs frequently or not cleaning them at all. A professional may be more expensive, but they are likely to perform better than the average home owner because they understand the machines. The carpet will remain cleaner for longer. A special cleaning solution that protects the carpet from heavy soiling and stains can also be used to prolong the interval between cleanings.
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