What Online Jewellery Stores Should I Trust?

You can get some great discounts by simply shopping online. If you’re not an expert, and only look at pictures on the screen, it can be difficult to distinguish between metals such as white and yellow gold or sterling silver. Read more now on de beers forevermark boutique Bandra.

It is also easy to conceal inclusions, such as pearl dents or gemstone inclusions. Online jewellery is often an issue of trust, so it’s important to know who you can trust. Here’s a quick guide for finding scrupulous Melbourne jewelry stores as well as online jewellery retailers.

Brands that You Already Know

If you want to make sure you get what you ordered, look at the websites of jewellery brands you know. Even if you are satisfied with the product description, well-known shops are likely to provide refunds or exchanges if any problems arise.

Look out for Australian Sites

If you are buying jewellery in Melbourne, Sydney or any other large Australian city it’s safer than purchasing from an overseas store… even though the prices can be slightly higher. The reason is not that there are fewer scammers in Australia. Instead, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) or Consumer Affairs Department is more likely to investigate any complaints.

Should I purchase jewellery on eBay?

eBay is a source of income for some online jewellers. eBay’s easy registration process, coupled with the possibility to manipulate customer feedback, makes it the most popular place for scammers. Look for these things when you are looking to purchase a jewellery item on eBay:

A few well-known retail stores have an eBay store. Verify on their site that it is indeed involved in eBay sales
The stores with extremely good feedback ratings – more than 500. Check out the feedback left by users and how much they’ve bought.
Honest titles. Sellers who are dishonest will often put false information on the title of an item. The title should not be misleading or dodgy.
Pictures from different angles
Avoid abbreviations in your descriptions – they are used often to confuse eBay buyers.

Should I Purchase Jewellery from Amazon?

Amazon has become a popular place for many major US retailers to sell their products. There are also many less reputable and smaller companies that sell through Amazon. When buying jewellery on Amazon, you should either go through Amazon directly or a retailer that is known as a large retail chain in the States.