Understanding Cruelty/Absurdity – Abnormal Psychology.

Understanding the insane behavior of cruel, insensitive people is difficult. They give the impression that they know. In order to know yourself better and own yourself better, you need to know why tapping should be avoided

They seem to think clearly, even though they have brutal ideas.

Therefore, when you become their victim, you feel that they knew what they were doing and they wanted to hurt you. You feel violated and you want to retaliate.

But, the harsh truth is that they didn’t really know what they did because they were controlled and influenced by their anticonscience. After my explanations I will explain what I mean and you will be able understand the bizarre psychology that leads to the cruelty and absurd.

The anti-conscience represents the primitive and wild part of our conscience. It didn’t develop like our human sides. It occupies a large part of the brain. We are, in fact, primates with a tiny human mind. The brain’s largest portion is violent and absurd.

The anticonscience can function independently. It is the opposite of the human conscience, which means that it does not know what is happening in our brain.

However, the anticonscience can be stronger. It sees both the human and the spiritual sides of our conscience and can interfere with our thinking.

It continues to attack the human side, because it wants our sensibility to disappear and we to behave like animals.

Our behavior will be controlled only if our conscience is not influenced by the anti-conscience. But, if the anti-conscience’s thoughts invade our minds, we will lose total control of how we behave.

The anticonscience pretends it is part or our human side. In this way, we may believe that their ideas are ours. This is the way it manages destroy our human conscience. It will offer the most absurd ideas while offering logical solutions.

Anti-conscience is a monster. It is not as evolved as our human side. However, it is still quite intelligent. It can think beautifully and can make plans. It is stupid due to the fact that its nature has been altered by terrorists, but it is smart and can make as clever decisions as a fox.

This means our brain is fighting a very real enemy. It can create terrible mental illnesses and even kill our humanity.

It is necessary to transform the negative aspects of our humanity into positive ones by calming and transforming them. Dream therapy can help us do this. It takes just a few months before the average person can benefit from this therapy.

Psychotic and Schizophrenic patients may need years of psychotherapy. But they will find their peace and mental wellness in the end. A psychotherapy session can heal depressed, bipolar, and neurotic patients in just 8 months.