The Top Plastic Surgeons in America

The vast majority of plastic surgeon portland undergo a similar training process. This includes an internship, residency, and, in some cases, a fellowship for more advanced training.

Find Top Plastic Surgeons With Specialized Interests and Expertise

Cosmetic surgeons who are considered experts in their fields, like those at the top of the field, often refer to themselves as “masters” of a particular condition or surgery. Plastic surgeons have been trained in a variety of cosmetic procedures. However, no surgeon can master or excel at all conditions and surgical procedures. It’s important to identify top plastic surgeons in specific areas, based on their specialties and/or experience.

Plastic surgeons are experts in their fields of expertise and perform certain surgical procedures regularly. Finding the best plastic surgeons also involves finding the ones who have the highest referral rate from their peers for specific surgical procedures and who perform those procedures at least 75% of the time.

Each surgeon is a specialist in his/her own field. It is important to choose the best plastic surgeons according to their areas of specialization or interests. Plastic surgeons are usually recognized and specialized in certain types of surgeries, typically one or seven.

Top Plastic Surgeons nomination process

Finding the best cosmetic surgeons requires extensive research and a database of medical doctors’ credentials. Innovative methods are now being used to find the best plastic surgeons with special expertise in specific surgical procedures.

Step 1. Only board certified plastic surgeons are selected at random using comprehensive databases of doctor credentials and proprietary software.

Step 3: This proprietary software and system faxes selected plastic surgeons with the question “Who would you pick if one of your family members needed medical care in your area?”

Step 4: The emails and faxes that doctors receive contain the user name and password they need to log in to the database. The doctors then fill out the form and nominate a peer.

Step 5: After receiving the nominations, the research team reviews them and gets ready for the next step.

Step 6: Those doctors who have been selected numerous times by peers are reviewed to confirm their nationwide license status and credentials. They are also cross-referenced with 13 databases of doctor information that are owned or leased.

Step 6:The team of researchers reviews the list of plastic surgeons nominated and checks their credentials.