Gold IRA Benefits

Why open a Gold IRA?

Four precious metals are commonly purchased to invest in: gold, silver and palladium. With a silver spot price around $20 an ounce for wealthy investors, they would need to invest several hundred pounds of the metal to meet their 20% portfolio goal. While silver has a high value, its storage costs would be a significant portion of an investor’s retirement funds. You can see gold IRA reviews in this site.

Although palladium’s spot price is more expensive than that of silver, it fluctuates so much and regularly drops by $25 in one day. Although platinum is more valuable than gold, it has a lower price and can sometimes fall below gold’s price. The most common precious metal for a rollover into a Gold IRA is gold. A gold IRA has many benefits and any intelligent investor should be aware of them.

Easy and Secure Tax Relief

Congress passed the tax relief act of 1997, allowing for the inclusion four precious materials into an IRA. It is similar to a Self-Directed IRA but the investment may consist of palladium, gold or silver. It is essential to know what types of gold are allowed in a precious materials IRA. You can add gold bars and bullion to a precious-metals IRA. The bars will need to be authenticated by either the Commodity Exchange Incorporation, or New York Mercantile Exchange.

Variety of Options

IRS permits certain 22 and 24 Karat Gold Coins to be added into an IRA. American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs and Australian Philharmonics are gold coins that most often make up precious metal IRAs. A storage fee is charged for gold stored in a depository approved by the IRS. Like all self directed IRAs the gold IRA must be held by a custodian such as a broker or a bank. A custodian may also charge fees, so shop around to compare the prices.

Protection against inflation

In 2008, thousands lost all their savings in a matter of hours because their investments were largely or entirely made up of paper. They had no real assets. All of their money was in bonds and stocks. All of these investments are not backed by physical gold, and therefore are susceptible to inflation. After the economic collapse of 2008, the value of gold increased even though the value for other precious materials decreased. Gold is literally the gold standard, with countries such as China or India buying up every ounce they can.

Winter of Discontent Protection

A national deficit can be a major cause of inflation. America is owed a great deal of money by many different countries. However, we are able to print even more money in order to pay our bills since the US Dollar is the global reserve currency. This means that every country on the planet uses the US dollar to secure its loans. To repay the US, these countries must accept the currency that is printed by the Treasury. This causes inflation, which lowers dollar value. As a result of inflation, the cost of other items skyrockets and suddenly money that was previously considered a great deal of money doesn’t seem so good. Inflation can make $1,000,000 seem like a lot of money, but when the price of a bread goes up to $50,000 it loses its value. Germany went through hyperinflation following WWII. The Mark was destroyed. Prices of food and other essentials skyrocketed and many people had to drag wheel barrels filled with money to their local grocery stores. People have reported having wheel barrels stolen, and then dumping their money onto the pavement to make it harder for the thief. If their wealth had been invested in gold, they wouldn’t be experiencing the same sudden losses. Because gold is convertible into stronger currencies, they were protected. That kind of inflation is not likely to happen in America.