Find out about the various shapes, sizes and styles for wedding flowers

Perfect bouquets of flowers are able to accomplish two goals: they can complement wedding dresses of any style and color, as well as create a joyful mood. You can select from thousands of combinations of colors, including a rainbow. The perfect bouquet for a wedding can come in many sizes and styles. The size of your flower bouquet may have an impact on the look and feel of your ceremony depending on your attire, formality, color scheme, etc. In order to make your wedding memorable, you should be able to create a bouquet that is eye-catching. Your wedding bouquets can enhance your day no matter the type of flower. Continue reading to find out more about wedding bouquets in Rosalie Flowers.

Hand-Tied Bouquets
This bouquet has a natural look that is perfect for weddings outside in a garden, on the beach or other outdoor locations. Flowers are tied into a bouquet, often with fancy ribbons and bows. This bouquet is suitable for any wedding setting, be it formal or informal. You can make your bouquet more elegant by adding textured roses or peonies. Use meaningful items such as an old wedding dress of your mother to create a hand-tied bouquet that is more personal. These classic bouquets will make you smile.

Cascade Bouquets
Cascade bridal bouquets are designed in the shape of a “waterfall”. They are stunning, but are only suitable for taller women and dresses of a more simple design. The bouquet is bigger, so it’s important to match the dress in terms of color and size. These bouquets contain callas, orchids and stephanotis, as well as long, flowing foliage. Green accents are a beautiful backdrop for vibrant flowers. Even a cascade arrangement can look stunning!

The smaller floral bouquets that are used by flower girls or bridesmaids have become very popular. Cute bouquets can be created with tiny flowers, such as baby’s-breath and spray roses. A couple of larger flowers can be used as focal points in the bouquet to match your colour scheme. This arrangement can create a stunning effect at your event! It is a great bouquet for children, and it can go with any type of dress. Other flowers to consider are multi-colored roses, hydrangeas or hyacinths.

Over arm
It is a simple yet elegant design that will enhance any wedding. The most common flowers used for over-arm bouquets include roses, callas lilies, and orchids. You can be sure that these flowers will last a long time because they have sturdy stems. This flower bouquet can be wrapped with a beautiful ribbon. Over arm bouquets are perfect for figure fitting dresses. You may find that by holding your flowers long enough to take photos, they become heavier. Choose lighter flowers.

Flower Bouquet in Round Shape
Wedding flower bouquets in round shapes are most popular. While round bouquets look similar to posy-style bouquets, they are bigger and often contain multiple flowers. Color is key when creating these bouquets. Choose complementary colors or contrasted colours for the best visual effect. Round wedding bouquets can go with any type of wedding. Add sweet-smelling peonies or roses if you want to make your floral arrangement smell good. By focusing on the texture, size and color of flowers, you will be able to create the most beautiful bridal flower bouquet that your guests will ever see!